Street Smart Survival

What is
Krav Maga?

“Super fun and very useful. Will look forward to the next class!” - Bey Qu via Facebook

  • Real self defence for the streets.
  • A scenario-based self defence system.
  • It is genuinely evolutionary in its approach.
  • Not dependent on punching power and/or brute strength.
  • Techniques that are not dependent on gender, size or strength.
  • The syllabus being based on defences against the 10 most common street attacks in the UK.
  • Recognises the importance of pre-emptive strikes for self-defence – action always beats reaction.
  • Urban Krav Maga draws on the following fighting systems as well as various styles of Krav Maga:
    • Karate;
    • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,
    • Traditional Jiu Jitsu,
    • Aikido,
    • Boxing,
    • Muay Thai,
    • Vale Tudo and MMA.
  • The core syllabus also contains a range of techniques applicable to female self-defence, grappling, fighting/sparring techniques and weapons defences.
  • The Urban Krav Maga aim is to equip the student as soon as possible to defend themselves against the most common attacks they may face.
  • We teach everything that is needed for self defence when it’s necessary in all environments, including highly confined crowded spaces, cars, shopping centres, nightclubs, buses etc.